"I Have A Future" Finds Another Happy Collector

"I enjoy painting so much and a big part of the enjoyment for me is being able to enhance and touch peoples lives through my work. Please read the heartfelt message below that I received, and thank you Carol for this wonderful letter and for inspiring me to keep painting." ~April

Dear Ms. Howland: My name is Carol and I am a teacher at a Christian School in Mesa, Arizona. The reason I am writing you is that for my birthday, the mother of one of my students (Jennifer K.) gave me a framed print of your painting "I Have A Future". This picture is absolutely breathtaking and I cannot thank you enough for producing such a wonderful piece of art. You caught the expressions of this woman and her baby with an artistic flair that rivals that of masterpieces I have seen hanging in museums. Once again, thank you for the production. It graces my dining room wall and invariably catches the attention of everyone who enters. Blessings, Carol H.