THANK YOU to all who entered and voted – Keep Howland Studios in mind for your next custom pet portrait or art piece.

A SPECIAL Thank You to our Judges and Sponsors!!!
Keep snapping those photos for next year!

***Howland Studios retains the rights to use all photos submitted.      ***Rules: Fur-costumes welcome; one photo per fur; previous fur winners can enter after 2 years. 

42 Responses to “Contest”

  1. Marilyn Shaffer

    VICTOR you are by far the cutest bully going for ice cream that I have ever seen… hope you win the contest… it’s so hard to chose when everyone is looking so cute in their glamour shots!!!

  2. Run A Muck Ranch

    The Emmi (l), Morty (c) and Slugger (r) picture is what you get when you make 2 very sick, e-list, sibling pound dogs and a stray, healthy, then take them to a desert waterhole! Go to the shelter or give a home to the unclaimed stray the next time you’re looking for a new best friend!

  3. Sierra

    I sent an email to the link provided. I look forward to seeing my JRT Blaze up on the wonderful list of candidates!

  4. Krisa

    Does “*Howland Studios retains the rights to use all photos submitted.” and “use for publicity” imply that we will lose the ownership rights of our photo?

  5. Dwayna Walker

    I’ve submitted a photo for the contest. When will it appear and how/where do we go to vote?

  6. Run A Muck Ranch

    With 13, we have quite a few ‘individual’ pics we could enter. In your opinion, should we submit some of the others, or is our Morty/Slugger/Emmi pic about the best we can do?

  7. Tina Saldivar-Tellez

    We got Cj in 2011 Cj is 2 years old and we snapped a picture of him sleeping in his sisters pink small bed.<-(chihuahua)


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